Get All The 

Tax Preparation Forms You Need in One

Convenient Package!

To help tax preparers hit the ground running in their business, we have assembled a complete package of all the tax preparation forms you’ll need when working with clients. That means:
  • No frustrating form searches
  • No risk of using outdated forms
  • ​No chance you won’t have the right form when a client needs it
Having the right forms is essential to tax preparation success, and our comprehensive package ensures that you have all the forms you’ll need.

We have also included in addition to each form a complete training on how each form need to be completed.

Eliminate doubts and uncertainty with our comprehensive form package!

Don’t Risk Using the Wrong Form or Using
the Right Form Incorrectly

Our Tax Form Package provides you with clear, professionally designed forms that will protect your business and ensure you do things the right way. For instance:
  • Our File Checklist Form walks you step by step through the filing process so you don’t leave anything out. 
  • Our Tax Payer Application form ensures you have all the information you need to accurately complete your client’s tax return.
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You’ll save time and money that you would have lost conducting your own searches and creating your own forms.

You’ll also ensure that you have solid, ironclad forms that don’t leave anything important out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the tax forms package?

This package includes: Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Form; Self-Employed Schedule C; American Opportunity Form; Cash Advance Form; EITC Alternate Eligibility Form; EITC Tax Preparer Due Diligence Form; F8879 E-File Signature Form; File Checklist Form; Tax Return Confirmation Form; Tax Payer Application Form; Tax Payer Bank Verification Form; and the Mastercard or Visa Card Refund Form.

Are there additional forms included in the package?

Yes, the package also includes our File Checklist Form, which walks you step by step through the filing process so you don’t leave anything out. We have also included our Tax Payer Application form, which ensures you have all the information you need to accurately complete your client’s taxes.

Does the package also include completed forms?

Yes, to help you even more, we have included a completed version of each form so that you know exactly how to fill it out! This will eliminate doubts and uncertainty.

Will this package really help me?

Yes, you’ll save time and frustration. The forms in this package eliminate time-consuming and often frustrating form searches and the risk of using an outdated form. With this package, you are sure to have the right form when a client needs it.

What exactly am I getting?

You’ll get all the essential forms you need to prepare your tax clients’ tax returns the correct way.

What is the payment policy?

You’ll pay a one-time fee for that year’s essential tax forms, along with our File Checklist Form and Tax Payer Application form. Many forms are updated yearly, so we recommend ordering a new package each year.

Is there a refund policy?

No refunds are allowed. 

How can I contact you with other questions?

For any additional inquiries, please email us at: ?????. | Copyright ©2022 | All Rights Reserved
Copyright ©2022 | All Rights Reserved